May 29, 2009

Have a nice weekend!

Last weekend I drove down south with my daughter to pick up some goods at Moonlight Glassing.

A 6'3" Mandala Tri plane hull and New Bohemia Skywalker board bag! Both hand made in north county San Diego. The board works great and the bag is so nice! What can I ask for more! Thanks Mani and Erika! So stoked! 

And we had some food...

Throw some seaweeds... I don't know why....


and Destroy!!!!

Overall we had a great weekend! 

Pretty good huh?

Have a nice weekend! SHAKAAA!!!


  1. Came across your blog via moonlight's site. I dig your aesthetic... rad decks!

    Also being a Dad to a cute, munchkin I had to comment: Rad post... little roadtrips rule, especially those that revolve around all things surf.

  2. Thanks! Yes its always fun on the little road trips with my daughter! Only down side is I can not surf!!