Jun 21, 2009

I want to introduce a new addition to my family! His name is Kenta. Born on 6/20 1:55PM. After long long labor he is now taking rest with mom. I am so proud of my wife for bearing the pain, giving birth to our son and letting me go surfing this morning!

Momo saying hi to her little brother! 



  1. super congrats! looks to be a handsome little one.

    also, you are one lucky man to be able to go surfing so quickly... get it while you can!


  2. Thanks! I am so stoked to have a son, cant wait to see him riding skateboard or surfboard! Yes I was super lucky to be able go surfing quickly, but now...

  3. yuta! congrats again on the birth of your son! I hope you are getting as much sleep as possible!!! ;) erika

  4. Thanks Erika! I am trying hard changing diapers all night!! I will take my family to stubbie sunday if you guys are going to have one again.