Apr 27, 2012

Finally! 24" Sidewalk Surfer Models

All decks are 3/4" Solid Ash. Comes with Cadillac Wheels 57mm and Super Narrow old school trucks. Made in USA!

 Rapid Transit System Logo - Natural, Solid White Cadillac Wheels

New color! SHAKA logo - Natural, Red Cadillac Wheels.

SHAKA logo - Stained, Beer Cadillac Wheels.

This is how you ride these sidewalk surfboards!
  Sidewalk Surfing! - Shakastics Custom Planks from SHAKASTICS on Vimeo.


  1. Such beautiful boards. Do you have any advice on where to start to shape your own boards? I would love to learn some woodworking...

    1. I'm taking a move from the 60s' playbook and shaping 2' x 8" x 3/4" planks of oak, I'm on my first. I haven't cut yet but just having drawn the shape out in pencil, it looks promising. I would definitely give oak plank thought if I were you.

      cutting old decks that kids want to throw away or whatever is also a good idea, but they won't look as nice I think. I've made a few of those, they just don't come out very well. Maybe I'm doing it wrong ;P

  2. Thanks! Maybe start with re-shaping used skate decks? If you have Jigsaw and sand paper its much easier than you think!