Jan 24, 2009

Dusty weekend

Daddy! look! I clamp it tight, now you can cut my skateboard!

uuuhh... sorry  its not yours.... maybe next time!

Rough cuts done, now its time to sand the deck and make tail kick.

I should buy a mask and dust collector before starting the next one....

Jan 21, 2009

LB Shaka!!

Now Shakastics are available at Shelter surf shop.

I dropped 4 decks last weekend so go check them out.

They have great selection of surfboards! ( and Skateboards too!)

Thanks for the support Graham and Kim!

I love Long Beach, now I even have LB tatoo on my hand......


Jan 13, 2009

Custom Planks

When the surf and weather suck.....

I cut some planks.....

Paint them.... Let them dry....

Make skate decks.....
And I call them "Shakastics".

They are going to Shelter in Long Beach this weekend.