Dec 5, 2012

27.75" Oak and Maple.

Nov 20, 2012

Nov 14, 2012

27" Sidewalk Surfer

Nov 3, 2012

7'7" Quad for me. Light Triplane Hull -> Vee + Deep double concave starts from the middle section. Hand foiled Marine Ply fins. Glassed at Pure Glass Costa Mesa CA. Super fast and maneuverable.

Oct 17, 2012

 5'3" Arctail Twin. Hand foiled cutaway keel.

 6'3" Stringerless V-bottom. Triplane -> Spiral Vee.

Both for Koichi.

Mega Shaka to Mani san for inspiration! Hai!!!!

Oct 7, 2012

Shakastics now available at Surf Emporium NZ!

Sep 23, 2012

8.5" Shred Machine for Asobu san!

Sep 4, 2012

27" Diamond Wedge Tail for Jack Forte.

Here is Jack setting up his new ride with his dad, Dano Forte. Happy shredding! :)

Aug 30, 2012

STILL KICKIN' Read the story and Please support our fellow skater / artist Jacob Tillman and his sister Lydia. Photo: Jacob Tillman

Aug 10, 2012

Cameron Oden took these photos of me working on some custom boards in my garage few months ago. Thanks Cam!

Aug 4, 2012

24" Maple and Walnut

31" Maple and Walnut

27" Oak and Walnut

24" Maple and Walnut

These custom orders went to 2 Doors in Tokyo, Japan

Jul 25, 2012

 9'7" Hull/Pig. Watershot: Tom Green

Jul 17, 2012

5'3" Twin fin Arc Tail. Glass on Cutaway Keel. Roll -> Single Concave -> Spiral Vee 

6'3" Stringerless Vee Bottom. Roll -> Triplane Hull -> Spiral Vee 

Both for Koichi-san!

Jul 6, 2012

Here is a logo I designed for Almond Surfboards. They made T-shirts with this logo.

Jun 24, 2012

Jon riding 5'8" Mini Simmons in Indo. Thanks for rad photo Jon!!!

Jun 18, 2012

 29" x 7 3/4" US made 7 ply
 29" x 7 1/2" US made 7 ply
These are available at Jokers Skate Shop Huntington Beach CA

Jun 11, 2012

Got first samples of Shakastics Shred Suits just in time for summer sliding! Hand made in Japan with top quality Japanese Neoprene. Super soft and ultra smooth! Embroidered patch on chest. Custom order available.

For more info:

Available at:
Strip Mito Ibaraki, Japan
2 Doors Tokyo, Japan

Jun 9, 2012

 27" Diamond Tail - 85mm Tracker Dart Trucks, OJ III 60mm 78A

31" Pin Tail - 85mm Tracker Dart Trucks, Tunnel Rock 63mm 78A