Mar 30, 2009

Just finished this coffin shredderrr last weekend. 25" x 8", Black Indy stage 10 129 (7.75"), Creature Blood Sucker 60mm Wheels. 

Mar 24, 2009

Last weekend I finally finished a deck for Graham at Shelter. I am glad he was stoked on this one. I will make some more planks for his shop soon. 
I think this one was 31"x8.5"...?

Mar 19, 2009

Before they changed their style in mid 80's,  Aswad was playing serious roots rock reggae.
Here is the amazing live dub clip from late 70's. Wicked!! 

Mar 16, 2009


Here are some planks I worked on last weekend. Still need more paint. I will work on graphics this coming weekend.

Double bump with moon tail cruiser. One for Graham at Shelter. Sorry I am too lazy....

I cut this one the next day I saw The Present. inspired by D Malloy....  Coffin Shredderrr! 

These will have more paint and logo. Check back later. I will post the finished photo. And will be available here as well as more T-shirt!


Mar 12, 2009

The Present

I went to Lido Newport Beach to see the latest Thomas Campbells movie "The Present" tonight. 
After long long wait in a long long long line, finally stepped into the theater. Mattson 2 and Ray Barbee were already  playing.
My daughter was so scared of their big sound and went home with my wife... they missed the whole movie...Bummer!  
Anyways,It was a great movie with beautiful color and lots of good surfing! Must see.


OK, one more day..

Mar 11, 2009


These look sweeeeeet!!! I need to get one! Actually I need them all!!!
Maaad respect to Girl skateboards!!

Mar 2, 2009

Here are my ghetto screen press that I made and some of Shakastics T-Shirts printed over the weekend. They are available at Shelter Surfshop Long Beach and will be available here soon ( I need to figure out how to set up cart thouugh...)!