Apr 24, 2011

"Sliding my days away.." coming this fall. A independent film created by the Orate brothers.. Two brothers, one county, daily surfing.....

Here is Ray Orate rocking Shakastics hat and super rad quiver shot...


Apr 12, 2011

Slight S-deck.
Shakastics #12 5'2" Arc Tail 2+1 5'2"- 18"- 21" -18 3/4" - 2 1/2" Red cedar tapered stringer.
Hull entry to single to spiral vee.
Greenough! I foiled the 3" side runners from 5 ply birch plywood.

Glassing by Moonlight Glassing. Big Big Shakas to Mani san!
Custom order available. Price starts @ 450! Contact: shakastics@gmail.com