Feb 22, 2009


 I got trucks and wheels for my plank from Shelter this weekend and I finally ride it.  It was pretty fun to ride on the sidewalk just cruising around my neighbor. I tried to do some ollie and made tiny one. I found out the tail is too short and could not hit the ground. So I will make it longer on the next one. 
I first setup with Ace Truck which I got from shelter, It turns really good but it looks a little bit wide. So I got Trucker Dart from Jokers Skateboard shop in HB. They have sick selection old school pool decks and wheels. 
(taken from Jokers site.)
Anyways, I am stoked to ride this plank! I will make more and post them up soon!
Ok, go back to work!

Feb 16, 2009


I wanted to have more kick on the tail so I came up with some ideas to create more kick.(thanks for the idea  mani!) yes I need more Kick!
Chop and glue!
More chop chop!
Then, more chop

rough cuts done. more detail soon.

Feb 13, 2009

Have watched thousand times since It came out, this still looks fresh to me.  I wanted the Airwalk Shoes(Enigma Low? I forgot the name)) that Hensry wears so bad, but it was like close to 200 bucks in Japan (and skate decks were over 100 bucks! Just for the deck! you guys born here are so lucky!). no way....
Anyways, this is one of my favorite skate video of all time.
Well, as you can see here she is a undercover cop....

Happy friday the 13th!

Feb 6, 2009

Its raining so heavy outside....

and it looks like no surf for me tomorrow.... 

Before  I got into surfing and making skate decks, I was so much into roots reggae and me and my buddy had a Sound System called "University of Roots and Culture Sound System" in Tokyo and play roots reggae and dub. We used one turntable and pre-amp connected directly to 2 x 4000w power amp and big stack of speaker boxes just like you seen in this video. No compressor or limiters. Straight from the vinyl we spin.

Although this video is from 78 ( the year I was born and the hottest year for the roots reggae! most of my favorite tune are recorded in 78), 31 years later they are still playing same way in UK.

Here is the king of roots reggae sound system "Jah Shaka".

The name Shakastics is came from the surfing but also from love for the roots reggae.

I think I am going to start podcast soon.

Have a nice weekend!


Feb 2, 2009

Pain Relievers

Because of the lack of surf and wisdom tooth extraction I had to stay home last weekend and here are my pain relievers.

I always wanted to ride these kind of old school planks since I saw what these guys are making. So I made them myself from solid red oak board!

Left one 22" x 6.5" x 3.5", the yellow one 21"x6"x4.5"

Both planks have slight tail kick.

Momo approves them for sure! Shaaakaaa!!